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Description The largest and greatest site to download tablature for Brad Larsen's Powertab Editor.
Posted By Timothy Lyons (5035)
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On 7/13/2004, Andrew Green (126) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great site with easy to use navigation and plenty of tabs to keep you ocupied. Even tabs of TV, Film and game tunes (just incase you have a passion and wanna play the theme of super mario - yeah right). Only main gripe isn't actually with but site but rufly oly 35% of the tabs have bass as well which kinda sucks. But its not the sites fault.
On 5/2/2002, Timothy Lyons (5035) posted:
Overall Rating:
The perfect companion for Brad Larsen's Power Tab Editor. Only the best tabs are posted and are run through a vigorous check by webmaster Tim Fischer. The website is brand new with amazing navigation, recording the hottest, newest, and most requested tabs!
Suitable for all skill levels of bassists