V.M.I./Sebring Blade 1

Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Made by V.M.I./Sebring

Description My bass is a 4 string regular neck bass. the bottom fart is red with a red front. I have two knobs on the front. two plates that the strings lie on.
Posted By Norris Latimer (8)
Directory Equipment: Basses
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Member Reviews

On 6/25/2001, Norris Latimer (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at Fendi bases, but this was all i could afford at the time. I really compare this bases to other basses because this is my first bass.
Price: $250.00
Where Obtained: pawn shop
Made in korea. regular wood. It has twenty frets It has four strings It has volume and tone knobes It has two pick ups. Don't know what kind of pick ups I guess i have locking tuners
I can obtain my preferred action. I think my neck is too short for me.( i have long arms) It playes reall well. No flaws at all.
Sound Quality:
I have a small pevey amp. I'm a beginner.
Everything is in tact.