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On 7/18/2000, Ronald Gallagher (1455) posted:
Overall Rating:
The Gibson EB-1 is very different from other basses and even from other Gibson basses. The EB-0 would be considered it's closet sibling. The EB-1 is my bass of choice. It just feels right. The sound is so very full all over the neck. It is a very consistent support platform for the entire band. Dancers LOVE this bass as do the drummers I work with. I can cover any style, even slap if needed. The tone is unique. The sustain is superb and it is a joy to play. This instrument has it's own thing, plays like a breeze and always garners the attention of even the most jaded bass players.
Price: $200.00
Where Obtained: Elderly Instruments
I had been on the "Want" list at Elderly Instruments for a Gibson EB-1 for a couple years. They called me saying they finally had one. When I saw this beauty, it had a hole carved out near the bridge where the former owner was planning on installing a Jazz pickup. (Thus-$200) I got it dirt cheap, finished the install with an EMG active Jazz pickup and it has been my main bass for 20 years. Felix Pappalardi made me aware of this unique instrument. He created a one of a kind tone that touched my heart. I named the Bass "Felix" in his honor. The bass features a medium/short scale. A detachable telescoping end peg for playing stand up. A thunderous Humbucker near the neck. In the case it weighs a ton, (Solid Mahogany) however the weight is distributed evenly and I've played many other basses that are heavier. The balance is perfect...(For Me) This model is a re-issue. I also have the recent Ephiphone EB-1 re-re-issue as a backup. I often get approached by bass players asking me if this is a copy of the Hofner. I explain that the hollow body Hofner is a knock off of the original EB-1, Gibsons first electric bass from the early 50's.
The balance of the Gibson EB-1 is perfect for me. Not a dead spot on the entire neck. Sustain forever if required and the neck is just least to me. I use GHS strings. Short scale 45-65-85-95. Have no fear, these light guage strings give me all the bottom end I require. Enough to send guitarists into idenity crisis counciling. Other bass players who have had a chance to play my EB-1 have a hard time dealing with the scale. However they all agree it is a fine instrument.
Sound Quality:
As I have a customized bass due to the install of the active pickup, I can get distinctly different tones from "Felix". The stock Humbucker near the neck is just low sonic clouds of thunder with a warm lush sustaining fundamental complimented by beautiful fuzzy overtones. The active pickup makes a perfectly positioned thumb rest and fills in the hole left by the former owner. I plan to install a passive Jazz with the ability to dial in a combination of the 2 pickups. Now I can have one or the other.
I have been pounding on this bass for over 20 years without adjustments. It stays in tune. I can get the sound I want in any situation. This may be the single best instrument in my arsenal.