Kramer 700 St Usa 700 St

Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Made by Kramer 700 St Usa

Description This is a striker bass from the early 80's it is made in new jersy it has a p\j config pickups 3 tone knobs and a switch fender style headstock
Posted By Paul Talbott (12)
Directory Equipment: Basses
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On 4/22/2001, Paul Talbott (12) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have a rickenbacker and a fender and a charvel and still prefer the kramer.just a great sound but a little heavy after a couple hours on stage.i have tried to research this bass and have not found one like it.The closest i have found was a kramer pioneer usa.if anyone knows more about it i would love to hear from them.
Price: $125.00
Where Obtained: e-bay
Was made in newjersy u.s.a maple neck 4 strings three knobs one switch 3 pickups p\j config candy apple red precision style fender headstock non locking tuners
Very good playing and sounding bass very high quality
Sound Quality:
I play this bass through a hartke 200 watt amp with a 15" and 4-10"s i play classic rock with it and it fits all types of songs from slow warm sounds to hard punchy ones
Very reliable and stays in tune