Rogue Vb100

Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Made by Rogue

Description Violin Bass (Hofner look-alike)hollow body maplewood finish w/trapeeze tailpeice. Identical to Paul McCartney's bass
Posted By Peter Roy (13)
Directory Equipment: Basses
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Member Reviews

On 1/10/2001, Peter Roy (13) posted:
Overall Rating:
When i purchased this bass, i was looking for a lightweight, affordable guitar with adequate sound quality and easy playability. in comparison to the fender/squire solid body which is an excellent bass for my level of play, i find this guitar to be one i have yet to regret purchasing and i play it almost daily. the thing i like most about this bass is the way it strings and the fact that it is so light that i can play for long periods of time without having to give my shoulder a break. The thing i don't like about this bass is that the finish (nice as it is) must be kept wiped free of sweat and fingerprints. I would recommend this bass to a beginner as well as an intermediate level recreational musician. Probably not the best bass to endure the rigors of constant stage play and abuse.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $250.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
Made in korea flame maple arch top and back with european style hollow body, mahogany fretboard. 4 string bass trapeeze tailpeice with pearloid pickguard and body binding on front. Manufacturer: Rogue
Can obtain smooth flowing tones as well as pounding out a heavy, snappy progression, be it solo or a solid bass groove. the neck is long and narrow with easy reach all over the fretboard for bassists with short or lazy fingers. I find it very easy to play, mostly because of the position of the broad pick-ups as i use the pick-up as a thumb rest. The only flaw in this guitar that i can state (with respect to the price) is the high maintenance finish. Its very important to keep this one clean. I find this bass a remarkably good guitar for the price and it can hold its own in most, if not all music and playing styles.
Sound Quality:
I use a SWR-15" workingman bass amp. I play rock, classic rock (and yes! you have to try some Beatles tunes on this one) and blues. I think this guitar is very versatile and can fit most music moods with smooth warm tones as well as a surprising bite on the faster, more up-beat progressions. Since i do not make a living as a musician (strictly for fun and enjoyment), and i am intermediate level at best, I often rattle the strings as a result of near misses on the fretboard. Other than that... no noisier than a fender or other more expensive bass guitar. Personally, i think this is a much better studio guitar than a stage guitar but i would not hesitate to use it for either!
Very reliable for steady play but do not suggest rough handling. needs tuning frequently but the hardware and straplocks are very sturdy for the most part. Only flaw i noticed was the hex nut at the cable port needs tightening on occasion. Very sensitive to climate changes... especially low temperatures and high humidity.