Basslines APJ-2 Lightning Rods

Electric 4-String Pickup

Made by Basslines

Description Direct replacement active P/J pickups for 4-string basses.
Posted By Brien McCarty (1730)
Directory Equipment: Pickups
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On 11/26/2000, Brien McCarty (1730) posted:
Overall Rating:
I priced other pickups, as well as an EMG active P/J replacement kit. I didnt intend to buy these pickups, but I got them for over half off because MARS was overstocked. The only problem that I had with installing these pickups was a slight error in the schematic (4 different pickup configuration wiring diagrams are included) that caused me to miswire 2 wires, but one that was straightened out, they worked grea. (I informed Basslines of this error and they assure me that they will correct it). I would probably go with this type of pickup again. Overall, a great product.
Price: $50.00 (new)
Where Obtained: MARS Music
Active humbucking split-P/J pickups. The preamps are built into the pickup, so there is no board to try to shoehorn into the control cavity. Comes complete with 3 pots, battery clip, jumper wire and all neccesary hardware.
Sound Quality:
The sound quality is phenominal. I play a variety of different music, so the ability to separate or blend the P and the J tones is great. The sound range goes from low, deep and warm up to a crisp, bright sound. There is absolutely no noise from these pickups. I like the fact that a wide variety of sound control is offerred in a setup that is bassically 2 volume and one tone adjustment. An excellent sounding set of pickups.
Basslines is the bass pickup line of Seymor-Duncan, so they are backed up by a reliable company. I have never heard any horror stories about the company, and they have a straight-forward return policy.