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Description Searchable database of dealer listings for all kinds of equipment, both bass and non-bass related.
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Member Reviews

On 6/20/2002, Andy Proud (2981) posted:
Overall Rating:
Don't know what ross is talking about. Harmony is one of my best resources for info(besides activebass of course). Very LARGE amount of info.
On 3/22/2002, Ross Finnie (174) posted:
Overall Rating:
The site's gone offline now and all that's left is a fairly useless list of general equipment - for example, they only had 5 basses listed. Probably best avoided
On 11/29/2000, Camron Uriarte (399) posted:
Overall Rating:
A wonderful site for any musician. Has reviews of gear for a variety of instruments including: Bass, Guitar, Key's, and Drums. Also cover a lot of amps, effects, software and recording products. Also available are tips on recording, effects and things of that nature. I use this site quite often. I strongly suggest checking it out.