Dean Markley USA Announces Nikki Sixx Helix HD SS Bass Strings

by Damian Fanelli
Posted May 22, 2012 at 10:19am

Dean Markley USA has teamed up with Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx to create Nikki Sixx Helix HD SS Bass Strings.

The strings, which are made of a stainless-steel alloy, feature the same custom gauges Sixx uses -- and Dean Markley's new Helix patent-pending hyper-elliptical windings.

As Sixx puts it, “Dean Markley puts the bite back in the bass sound.”

From Dean Markley:

"With over a year of research and development, the Helix string uses a precise elliptical shape for the winding wire. The shape then had to be paired with the correct winding process. The hyper-elliptical winding process results in an increased number of wraps along the length of the string.

"This increases the mass of the string without changing its diameter or material. More mass makes a fuller tone; more windings give a smoother feel as well as a brighter, more resonant tone. Additional benefits of the hyper-elliptical windings are a relaxed feel and less unwanted noise. The strings are designed to last much longer without sacrificing tone and performance."

The custom gauges are:

First String: .050 / Second String: .070 / Third String: .090 / Fourth String: .110

MSRP: $49.50 US

For more information, visit


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