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Master of orchestration, Korsakov composed this piece for a large orchestra. My arrangement was based in other arrangement for Guitar made by Phillip Dimick. It's a good ...(more)
Classical · 67812 Hits
One fine way to practice walking bass is to play along with a metronome set to click on the second and fourth beat of each measure. Here, an uptempo version of an "I Got...(more)
Jazz · 58891 Hits
This was a very special moment at my ex-band Funk Machine's show, when I had my space to play a solo, which could be fingered, slap or half and half, depending on my mood...(more)
Funk/R&B · 46350 Hits
This is a song I wrote with my band Lovejoy. It has a "punk-pop" high energy feel to it with a "machine gun disco" drum beat and an intense rhythm guitar line. Since th...(more)
Rock/Pop · 37164 Hits
The reasons I wrote this song are two-fold: to practice Latin basslines and to practice soloing with the bass. <br/><br/> For this recording, I programmed the drums/synth...(more)
World · 34656 Hits
Using standard tuning for a 5-string bass with the low B string, this song is in D minor. I'm currently working on both various walking techniques and soloing (on both o...(more)
Jazz · 24033 Hits
This song is all harmonics except for two low notes at the end (D) octaves, and then one hammer down on a high D at the end with my fingernail. I wanted to create a song ...(more)
Alternative · 23287 Hits
This tune is in 3/4 and has a pretty static/open chord progression that moves from G Minor7 to Bb Minor7.<br/><br/> I was really trying to go for a very fluid sounding ap...(more)
Jazz · 22907 Hits
The bass "triplet" technique is reflected in this composition, showing how complex and cool a metal song can be (I think). The key is C# minor, and the music has a simp...(more)
Metal · 21024 Hits
Recorded over 10 years ago. Please don't judge... Ok go ahead. Believe it our not the Singer and drummer have gone on to make great careers in music. Myself... well... my...(more)
Rock/Pop · 20936 Hits
I used the Pandora's Box on factory default setting 'JP' to synchopate the notes. The level setting on the Pandora's Box was at 24. On the Carvin, the bass and treble k...(more)
Alternative · 20149 Hits
This song was recorded and performed by my band Eightfold Path quite a while back at a place called The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI. Though it's older, it remains a prett...(more)
Rock/Pop · 17374 Hits
I played a 1977 or '78 MusicMan Stingray bass, recorded straight through. Our guitarist, Assi, used an early '80s Fender Telecaster, played through a Marshall 100W tube ...(more)
Punk · 16862 Hits
In so many jazz workshops I have been told the 'proper' way to solo over changes, including Giant Steps, which I think every musician can appreciate as challenging. Howe...(more)
Jazz · 16170 Hits
15. Are You Having Fun Yet? by Inactive Member
This is the first really finished song that my current band, Future Boy, has taken out of the studio. It's a strong, rhythmic rock track that has a nice groove and an ...(more)
Rock/Pop · 12839 Hits
The tune is in E minor and is in 4/4. What makes this tune unique is the syncopation. For example, the bridge section is on the 'a' before the down beat...so if the time...(more)
Rock/Pop · 12689 Hits
The song is played in standard tuning. The verses are in D major using the chord progression D-A-Bm-D-A-G-A. The chorus modulates to G major with the progression G-Bm-G-...(more)
Punk · 11795 Hits
This recording was created on my PC using Cakewalk's SONAR XL v2.0. I used my Yamaha BX-1 bass run direct (no amp), some acoustic guitars and a Roland XV-3080 synth modu...(more)
Rock/Pop · 11486 Hits
The purpose of this tune was to show a different way to use a bass in a performance in an open stage setting. It's a rap/song for voice, bass, and rhythm track. This wa...(more)
Funk/R&B · 11069 Hits
The song, written by Max Fairbanks, is a A minor song, and presents no modulations. The introduction of the bass is on thumb-slapping technique, while the A-part is finge...(more)
Funk/R&B · 10853 Hits