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Excerpt of bass solo.
Jazz · 73 Hits
An Earth, Wind & Fire-type groove. Hiram Bullock on guitar.
Funk/R&B · 69 Hits
Bass solo. Melody, chords, harmonics
Jazz · 105 Hits
This song is all harmonics except for two low notes at the end (D) octaves, and then one hammer down on a high D at the end with my fingernail. I wanted to create a song ...(more)
Alternative · 23287 Hits
5. Are You Having Fun Yet? by Inactive Member
This is the first really finished song that my current band, Future Boy, has taken out of the studio. It's a strong, rhythmic rock track that has a nice groove and an ...(more)
Rock/Pop · 12839 Hits
World · 90 Hits
This tune is in 3/4 and has a pretty static/open chord progression that moves from G Minor7 to Bb Minor7.<br/><br/> I was really trying to go for a very fluid sounding ap...(more)
Jazz · 22907 Hits
The bass "triplet" technique is reflected in this composition, showing how complex and cool a metal song can be (I think). The key is C# minor, and the music has a simp...(more)
Metal · 21024 Hits
This track is a one take recording, which means that all the bass you hear is going down at once, "live in the studio" by using major, minor, altered, partial and chrom...(more)
Jazz · 8285 Hits
This song is the 2^ track from my first solo record called "A song 4 each day..." http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/claudiosignorile
Electronica · 75 Hits
This tune is in standard tuning, with no effects except a little reverb. The band is Spot 79, a '70s-informed jazz fusion quartet from Portland, Oregon. <br/><br/> The id...(more)
Jazz · 3630 Hits
Using standard tuning for a 5-string bass with the low B string, this song is in D minor. I'm currently working on both various walking techniques and soloing (on both o...(more)
Jazz · 24033 Hits
The purpose of this tune was to show a different way to use a bass in a performance in an open stage setting. It's a rap/song for voice, bass, and rhythm track. This wa...(more)
Funk/R&B · 11069 Hits
I recorded through the effects unit using only its compressor and Eq directly into the console using two channels via the units two outputs.<br/><br/> We play tuned down...(more)
Metal · 6255 Hits
Just a painted canvass of musical thought
Experimental · 42 Hits
The tune is in E minor and is in 4/4. What makes this tune unique is the syncopation. For example, the bridge section is on the 'a' before the down beat...so if the time...(more)
Rock/Pop · 12689 Hits
DOJO bass player Chris Handley from Lawrence, KS. Plays his tune "In Times Like This" off of the upcoming DOJO album Road Trip. facebook.com/dojofusion This tune has t...(more)
Jazz · 197 Hits
Just an original rockin' bluesy rock song with a great bassline that's fun to play. www.fightniceband.com
Alternative · 113 Hits
Dub Love is in the key of Em, and in 4/4 or common time. One of the things about improvising arrangements with sequencers is, you tend not to bother writing stuff down an...(more)
Electronica · 3070 Hits
I played a 1977 or '78 MusicMan Stingray bass, recorded straight through. Our guitarist, Assi, used an early '80s Fender Telecaster, played through a Marshall 100W tube ...(more)
Punk · 16862 Hits