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Free style rock
Rock/Pop · 144 Hits
A clip of a tune by Original Six, the band I play in. Key: D Tuning: Standard EADG Chords: (Verse) I-V-IV or D-A-G (Chorus) IV-V-I or G-A-D The most importan...(more)
Rock/Pop · 150 Hits
An influence of a Rock progression and twist it inna meditative mood.
Reggae · 175 Hits
Fine tune to get the right tone in conjunction with the chords and scales you use. Awesome mixing and mastering.
Reggae · 123 Hits
Shaky Ground by Inactive Member
Delbert McClinton song performed by Avenue 43 at Indian Rocks Beach VFW Post 10094 in Largo, Florida on February 11, 2012
Rock/Pop · 101 Hits
DOJO bass player Chris Handley from Lawrence, KS. Plays his tune "In Times Like This" off of the upcoming DOJO album Road Trip. This tune has t...(more)
Jazz · 197 Hits
Christian · 102 Hits
Just an original rockin' bluesy rock song with a great bassline that's fun to play.
Alternative · 113 Hits
This is a song I wrote with my band Lovejoy. It has a "punk-pop" high energy feel to it with a "machine gun disco" drum beat and an intense rhythm guitar line. Since th...(more)
Rock/Pop · 37164 Hits
Bass solo. Melody, chords, harmonics
Jazz · 105 Hits
Recorded over 10 years ago. Please don't judge... Ok go ahead. Believe it our not the Singer and drummer have gone on to make great careers in music. Myself... well... my...(more)
Rock/Pop · 20936 Hits
This is one of the numerous masterpieces of Marcus Miller and so as always the Fender Guitar of his own style can neither be denied nor overlooked. And the other things a...(more)
Jazz · 115 Hits