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Up And Away

by Juan Leon (641)

Size 4.5 MB
Style Experimental
Gear Ibanez SR506
Orion Distortion pedal
Behringer QX1202USB Mixer
MacBook Pro running Traction.
The tune is a new instrumental offering from darkwave progressive post rock band Ollin. A project which Radek Kordasiewicz and myslef started about 6-7 years ago as a file sharing project. The band released several albums and an e.p. via their website as free downloadable albums. A hardcopy CD release of unreleased material and remixes is in the works.The bass playing on this particular tune is more in the arena of soundscapes and ambient heavy voicing (typical of Ollin's style).I used the E-Bay in conjunction with distortion and delay FX along with a Boss Volume Pedal to create the soundscapes on my SoundGear. I recorded my parts direct to the Behringer mixer and then sent the rough mix via file sharing to Polland where my partner in crime Radek added his synths...Reed Hayes (stateside) then added his live drumming while guitarist Bill Forth (also stateside) prepped himself mentally and physically to add his solos later on. The track was the 1st Ollin recording in years featuring myself as I had quit the band after the release of "Morte En Ce Jardin". The recording and file sharing process was very satisfying for me and the music we created via cyber-space conveys a personal and an intimate collaboration from musicians who have never met (with the exception of Reed and I).Hope you enjoy it.