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Lab Series Bass Amps

Keith Shannon (2406)

Bass Equipment Forum · 11/20/2001 12:56 AM
Just got my new (to me anyway) bass amp in. It's a Lab Series L6 100-watt bass amp. From what the guy said, it was made by Norlin, who at the time owned both Gibson and Moog Music, around the late 70s to early 80s. This one is supposedly a late 70s model. Can't find a date on the spec sheet or the amp itself (haven't looked real hard). For an amp that may be older than I am, it's in great shape. 15" Eminence driver (original equip? looks reconed), 100W solid state, good tone with a wide range of tones (3-band EQ with mid freq. knob). Has a limiter to prevent damage to the speaker, but I prefer my Boss Limiter/Enhancer, as the one on-amp is a hard limiter that has a small delay before kicking in that makes a pop or thump as it activates.

My question for all you old farts out there :), is do you know anything about this amp that I don't? Good reviews, bad experiences, dates of production, original speaker for it. It's a great amp, but I wish I knew more about what I have here.
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Re: Lab Series Bass Amps

11/20/2001 5:34 AM

Mike Samora (2550) wrote:

You have a classic. They don't make those anymore. My guitarist used to have a Lab Series 2x10 100 watt combo. That bad boy had 4 inputs, and could push a 4x10 cab no problem. Their major sweet. I could tune that bad boy to work with my bass no problem. You've got your self a oldie but goodie. Take care of it they are very sweet.