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Dead spot on fretless jazz bass

Don Baker (11)

Bass Open Forum · 8/13/2001 8:37 PM
I recently picked up a Fender Mexican Fretless Jazz bass and there is a terrible dead spot on the G string on fret 5 and 6 (I know it's fretless but there are fret markers - essentially frets that don't extend out from the neck). I have tried 4 different basses and found this to be true. I also tried the mexican fretted bass and found the same problem. Is this a know problem with the cheap Fender bass? How would you correct this - short of buying a standard bass. I bought the bass at Sam Ash and the guitar tech there was amazed at how dead the neck was at that spot. We contacted Fender and they say they will send out a "perfectly straight" neck to replace mine. I'm not too confident this will help given the fact that I have had 4 different basses of this model and they all have the same problem. I use the standard string (flatwound) that came with the bass, although I'm thinking of getting some tape wound strings.
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Re: Dead spot on fretless jazz bass

9/4/2013 12:23 PM

Rob Pizapio (494) wrote:

try this if no one has suggested it
it is called a FATFINGER you clamp it to the headstock
google it

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