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Has any one tried bi-amping?
I have bought a Warwick amp and 1 x 12 cab in really good nick (basically for the price of a Gator case) that also has a space for my Hartke 250.

I looked at the Billy Sheehan rig rundown on youtube (worth a look) He splits his signal from his basses and runs through all manner of preamps and crossovers into 2 x Hartke 500's and 2 x Hartke 1000's.
If I bought/made a single phono into 2 phonos and ran 1 to the Hartke 250 into my 1 x 15 cab (with the highs down) and the other into the Warwick and then into my 2 x 10 cab (with the lows down)
Is this a feasible method of trying this out without having to purchase crossovers, etc and not like the result??


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Re: Bi-Amping

8/27/2013 7:33 PM

Brad Mock (17334) wrote:

Hi Craig, there are a lot of multi amp bass set ups from dual amps, stereo amps, wet/dry amps and actual BiAmp set ups. Using a Y cable is really not an optimum way to do this better to have some sort of active signal splitter whether that is a stereo effect, an effect with a wet and dry output or something like a Boss LS-2.
Billy Sheehan, Chris Squire, Stanley Clarke and some other bassists have 2 pickup basses with separate outputs and route signal through different signal chains to achieve the sounds we love. Other split signal between a direct signal and a direct amplified or modeled sound mixed at FOH or on the board for their sound.

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Re: Bi-Amping

8/28/2013 4:56 AM

Craig Ditchfield (8337) wrote:

Thanks Brad, did a bit of research today to try to find the most economical way to do it.

As you mentioned it seems I will need a splitter, there are a lot of them around some obviously better than others. I am arming myself with a bunch of leads, a DI (it appears some DI boxes may be able to be utilised) and my amps and see what I can come up with.

One guy even suggested that I could run into my Hartke (connected to the 15 cab) and run a signal out of the send into the Warwick (connected to the 2 x 10 cab)??? Not sure, but I will give it a try.