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Fender: American Deluxe Jazz Bass FMT....

I need your opinion about this bass guitar (4 strings)

I like fusion jazz, funk, latin grooves. Is this bass a good choice?

Internets prices are around: 1500 dollars...could i find a better price in the States for a new one?

What could you say about this bass in comparison with Warwick, KenSmith, GRavity (Fernandes) Ibanez (BTB, Soundgear), Musicman (Stingray) basses around the 1500 dollars?

Thanks a lot for your help!!

God Bless...

Johan...The Groove Maker
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Re: Fender: American Deluxe Jazz Bass FMT....

11/13/2002 6:51 AM

Kasra Saboktakin (7773) wrote:

I'd choose musicman sting ray or sterling.
warwick necks are too fat for me and active jazzbass delux sounds good too,btb series are good but not the best.they're like japanees cars but not a mercedes for example!
anyway i think musicman is better for the feel and it's uniqe sound and playing style

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Re: Fender: American Deluxe Jazz Bass FMT....

11/13/2002 8:57 AM

Jeff Chrabaszcz (1442) wrote:

It's been my experience that basses over $1000 are pretty much gonna do whatever you need them to. People won't consistantly spend that much on instruments that don't have everything they want. Any of these will be great choices. The Fender is a classic standard, and the Musicman will be similar to that, as it was designed by the same guy. Ibanez is a personal preference, I don't particularly like them, but you might. As for Warwick, I'm a little biased. My main bass right now is a Warwick FNA jazzman LTD, and that thing will play well in any style I want, and then roll over and do any trick I ask it to ;) The idea being to try to shop around a little, it'll give you an idea of what to compare it to.

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Re: Fender: American Deluxe Jazz Bass FMT....

11/13/2002 9:50 AM

Todd Lewinski (679) wrote:

Hi Johan,

For the basses you listed, i'd only recommend 3 of your choices, for your style of music.

1.Warwick is great for many people, and sounds good! Although, they are heavy, with quite a bit of neck dive. Check out the (Dolphin, Infinity, and Thumb).
2.Ken smith.....but for $1500????? Please tell me where!!!!!!! The cheapest one i have found was $2050 w/case for a BSRJ Bolt on! But Smiths sound great, record well, and balance well!
3.Ibanez.....Now some people don't like them! But the higher end models are very good! If you can? Check out the (Doug Wimbish-either the DWB1 or the DWB2 model, SR3000 model, and the BTB1000E)!

Many people i know use Ibanez, becasue they play great and last a long time! Well, as well as everything else, if you take care of it! But anyway, if you need any thing else...just holler!