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Funk Slap Triplets

Jonathan Salkind (58) · [archive]
Style: Funk/R&B · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 180
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This groove is meant to be played over a drum beat at about halftime of what the computer plays it as. The bassline, however, should sound exactly the same.

The starting notes of measure 1 & 3 are simply slap, pop pop [triplet].

To play the triplets, the first note is always a thumb slap on the open string. The second note is a hammer-on with the index or middle finger, and the third note is a "pop" (pulling the string out away from the bass and letting it snap back) on the next open string up. It's fairly self-explanatory.

Try listening to it looped, or slowed down.

The next page is a slightly more advanced version of the same groove. Check it out!
Funk Slap Triplets
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