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12 Bar Jazz

Dan Gable (7936) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 160
Pages: 1

I composed this bassline from standard notation to fit the AB tab. My bassline is composed to a arrangement of double chords on measures 1 to 8, 11 and 14. Measures 12 and 13 are triple chord measures. I made it easier by using only one chord visible on most measures. In theory I used notes for both chords in each measure and all three in the triple chord measures. The purpose of this lesson is to combine the correct notes on double and triple measures to make 4 beats each that flow with the rest of the score. Have fun. It makes more sense when you see my composition arranged in Standard Notation.

Set tempo from 120 to 160 to get the feel and coordination down. set sound to Acoustic or electric finger for that jazz sound set click to always to hold down the tempo loop 4 times for the practice.
12 Bar Jazz
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