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Basic Reading Tricks

Chris Tarry (1937) · [archive]
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Learning to read can be a frustrating process. Most of the gigs we all do require getting a tape from someone in the band and learning the tunes. Or, other gigs involve showing up and reading chord charts with a few shots here and there. There are fewer gigs that require you to show up and read dots (notes) from beginning to end.

This can sometimes be a non motivator in getting us to learn how to read. Don't let that effect your decision about reading because one thing's for sure is that by learning to read you open yourself up to many new musical experiences and gig's! I know we can all use a few more gig's so let that be your motivation.

The biggest question I get is "How do I start leaning how to read?"

Well, after learning the notes on the bass cleff staff we have to start learing to recognize the notes quickly and efficiently sounding them in the appropriate place on the fingerboard.

A good place to start is by working on music with little or no rhythmic content. By doing this you are concentrating on learning the notes on the fingerboard and bass clef.

A great little trick that was taught to me is to read every note twice at first. By doing this you READ the note the first time, then you RE-INFORCE the location and look of that note on the staff and fingerboard the second time. This little excercise will increase your note recognition quickly.

Another problem I get is that students find it hard to locate things to read. There are a few great books that will help you out in this department.

Standing in the Shadows of Mowtown - Some really easy to very tough reading, an invaluable resource!

Bach Cello suites - All cello music works great for learning to read. The Bach Cello suites are an excellent way to imporve not only your reading but also your technique....Not to mention they sound very cool on bass! Check it out below.

Happy reading!

Basic Reading Tricks
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