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12 Bars Blues Jazz Style

Dan Gable (7936) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 160
Pages: 1

This lesson was transposed from my Standard Notation to fit the AB software. The purpose of this lesson is to identify chords without the help of a chord chart and to identify chordal finger positioning by note arrangements alone and to brush up your reading skills when playing a score. The hard part is conveying the feeling the arranger has written without using improv. skills. Notice the (Chick a da Boom) on certain measures that do not sound too busy ; ) The ideal tempo is 160 but start with it at 120 to get the fingering changes down. Set sound for Electric Finger or Acoustic to get the Jazzy sound. click always to listen to the perfect timing. loop 4 times to get the feel. Note: Measures 13 and 14 are ending measures 13 is to be played once and 14 is to be played 2 or 3 times. Good luck and have fun..

12 Bars Blues Jazz Style
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