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Pentatonic Scales For Beginners

Tim Wong (1843) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Alright!, so you just bought your first Bass (Lemme guess...a Squire P-Bass, ESP B-50, Yamaha RBX 170, or a GSR) and you're already digging away at any tabs you can find...youre frantically learning the fretboard, and hardening those playing fingers. Haha good stuff! You're well on your way on getting to know the Bass...

However, Ive noticed that many people fresh on Bass (Or those who has been playing for years) tend to stray away from the infamous scales. If you are one of those people, you're probably thinking "Man, your expecting me to learn and memorize all those scale shapes!?!", or "No thanks, Ill just use my ear and make up my own melodies on the fretboard"

But have no fear! There are two scales that will make you sound 10x better as a Bassist...two scales to rule them all, and that scale folks, is the PENTATONIC SCALE! In the following pages I will explain to you what exactly that scale is, and how to apply it when jamming w/ your friends, and without all that theory talk.