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Connie Chung

Majik Bob (49) · [archive]
Style: Rock/Pop · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 160
Pages: 1

We're playing this at the talent show! wait till u hear the words The bass track is really cool i think

It starts off in like the hard grunge metal riff. I think it sounds best if you turn ur mid all the way up to get that kind of clangy sound... there should be distorted guitar behind this but u can only have piano so it sounds kinda cheesy.

For the second section (C7 Bmin7 D7) just slap it up and improvise. you can hit the open notes cuz it's in C and i sounds really good.

The next part is jst a latin groove to kinda switch it up a bit. This is rediculously fun to slap in. i was gonna put a solo behind this but it cut out the piano part and i figure that more important... thanks for viewing my lesson.
Connie Chung
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