About ActiveBass

ActiveBass is a free on-line community and education-based site for bassists. It was designed to allow bassists to share information about all things bass over the Internet in a manner previously unavailable. Our main educational focus is to provide tools for those that are knowledgeable to create on-line music lessons from which other visitors can learn, thereby creating a collective knowledge that all can use to further their own playing, and to allow visitors to access this knowledge in a fast and intuitive manner.

The result of this design is ActiveBass's unique LessonEngine technology, allowing anyone to create interactive music instructional material on-line using a standard web browser. Our LessonEngine technology also allow visitors to tailor the musical examples to their own personal taste. Thus, ActiveBass provides a set of preferences located at the bottom of the page which lets visitors pick the tempo, sound, click track, and looping capabilities of every musical example on the site.

ActiveBass also provides resources that bassists normally use as part of their own studies, such as on-line tablature, practice progressions, feature articles, links & reviews, theory/reference materials, personal communication, and other utilities.

ActiveBass was conceived, created, and produced by Christopher Sung, Chris Tarry, Sean Kelly, and Jim Burger.

ActiveBass would like to thank:

  • Beth Dales
  • Barb Tarry
  • Buddy Tarry
  • Jill Peltzman
  • Chris Trinidad
  • Kerry Galloway
  • Laurence Mollerup
  • Laura Canning
  • Jitka Burger
  • Joe Cocker Spaniel
  • Vancouver Bass Collective