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Recently Posted Messages

  1. Don Armstrong (4153)
    Artists Forum · 70 Hits · 9/5/2013 12:54 AM
    I am still lurking here from time to time, Mo. Good to hear from you guys. I just don't have the time to surf the net like I used to. So much has changed since you were here in the states. So it goes... Still, I remember the good ole days h...(more)
  2. Craig Brisbine (4792)
    Equipment Forum · 28 Hits · 9/4/2013 11:27 PM
    Thanks for the feedback. I receive similar advice from another member awhile back and found some industrial strength velcro. Not sure if it's the same kind you mentioned, but it seems to have solved the problem.
  3. Rob Pizapio (494)
    Announcements Forum · 49 Hits · 9/4/2013 12:49 PM
    ABers check out my bands youtube channel phoenixnj13 Classic Rock Tribute band from NJ here is our FB page in case anyone is in the area and want to make a gig
  4. Rob Pizapio (494)
    Open Forum · 104 Hits · 9/4/2013 12:23 PM
    try this if no one has suggested it it is called a FATFINGER you clamp it to the headstock google it
  5. Rob Pizapio (494)
    Open Forum · 44 Hits · 9/4/2013 12:17 PM
    I have been a member for many years I read what interests me and don't bother with the rest. Like most any forum you take away what good you can and filter the rest.
  6. Rob Pizapio (494)
    Equipment Forum · 18 Hits · 9/4/2013 11:59 AM
    Other than Eq and a Sans Amp pedal my only suggestion would be a compression pedal. Many players no not like them but, if set up correctly they are a big advantage to your playing and string volume issues. Mine is a most have item in my gig bag
  7. Rob Pizapio (494)
    Equipment Forum · 19 Hits · 9/4/2013 11:53 AM
    ? how would you clean it up if you left any strings on? No I always remove all of the strings since the string changing time is the best time to clean the bass of all the grim it has taken on between the last string change.
  8. Rob Pizapio (494)
    Equipment Forum · 36 Hits · 9/4/2013 11:47 AM
    I personally use the Dunlop formula 65 Guitar Tech Kit has everything you need to get your bass in shape at string changing time Features Formula 65 Guitar Polish and Cleaner (4 oz.) Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil (4 oz.) Ul...(more)
  9. Rob Pizapio (494)
    Equipment Forum · 12 Hits · 9/4/2013 11:41 AM
    this: Industrial-strength Velcro tape is 50% stronger than conventional sticky-back tape Allows you to fasten heavier items indoors and outdoors 2" width: Black 15' Roll with Dispenser box Waterproof adhesive Sticks to pl...(more)
  10. Rob Pizapio (494)
    Open Forum · 123 Hits · 9/4/2013 11:28 AM
    Hey spandex remember it well grew up rocking the 80's 55 as of yesterday no more spandex but I am still rocking the bottom end and gigging 3 times a month Classic Rock Tribute band
  11. Paul Warren (15447)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 50 Hits · 9/3/2013 4:06 PM
    <i>My better half doesn't know this .... (shhhhh!) :-)</i> What they don't know can't hurt them. hahahaha I sold my Fender so I could buy another Ibanez. Unfortunately I waited too long and now my wife has forgotten. She figures I'm trying to ...(more)
  12. Dave Price (725)
    Open Forum · 14 Hits · 9/3/2013 7:07 AM
    Thanks Mo, I'll give that a try. Cheers, dave
  13. Maurice Carr (37802)
    Open Forum · 14 Hits · 9/3/2013 5:26 AM
    Bridge is more like C#m - E - F#/Bb - F#. The Bb is actiang as a third to the F# Mo
  14. Dave Price (725)
    Open Forum · 39 Hits · 9/3/2013 1:56 AM
    G'day fellow AB'ers, Just need a bit of an idea with a song that I'm looking at; 'Are you having fun?' by Eagle Eye Cherry. As far as I can make out the chords are arranged in two patterns: The main bit is Gm#/Cm# and then E. The second patter...(more)
  15. Marcus Hart (14398)
    Equipment Forum · 57 Hits · 9/2/2013 11:06 PM
    <img src="" alt="asset-t-289_B2D4AC2B960D4952BEE080DE496A" />Carvin basses are exceptional for the money. I have a SB5000 - plays and sounds great! Here's a p...(more)
  16. Marcus Hart (14398)
    Equipment Forum · 17 Hits · 9/2/2013 11:02 PM
    Roscoe LG3005, Carvin SB5000, Fender Jazz, Thunderfunk TFB550 amp w/Aguilar 2/12 cab.
  17. Marcus Hart (14398)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 16 Hits · 9/2/2013 4:35 PM
    My wife once asked me, "don't you have enough basses already"?. LOL! I can definitely relate Paul. I'm actually selling these two so that I can get another one that I "must have". My better half doesn't know this .... (shhhhh!) :-)
  18. Paul Warren (15447)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 10 Hits · 9/2/2013 4:04 PM
    I like the Jaguar a lot but I'm, unfortunately, not in the market for a new bass right now (I can't believe I said that). I have too many already according to my wife. hahaha
  19. Marcus Hart (14398)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 19 Hits · 9/1/2013 8:24 PM
    Here a photo of the MTD.<img src="" alt="asset-t-288_8335D6CB515B45D78B05EE5B18CF" />
  20. Marcus Hart (14398)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 13 Hits · 9/1/2013 8:23 PM
    <img src="" alt="asset-t-287_0488B7BE78BC49AFA6786F6B7372" />UPDATE. After checking on pricing of these two basses and seeing what they were going for on the u...(more)
  21. Skunk Narco (275)
    Equipment Forum · 22 Hits · 8/31/2013 12:12 PM
    Burns Marquee bass Markbass SA 450 amp Markbass TRV 151P cab awesome sound!
  22. Jon Hermansen (4171)
    Open Forum · 23 Hits · 8/28/2013 11:47 PM
    A wise man once said you can have your own opinions but you cannot have your own facts. This is true is it a opinion if one says hot one says tall than one says not so hot and that guy is short. Adjectives such as good bad ugly and the like are ...(more)
  23. Paul Warren (15447)
    Open Forum · 14 Hits · 8/28/2013 12:24 PM
    Well I think you need to realize that it's completely subjective whether an individual considers a particular band to be 'great'. While you may consider Aerosmith to be crap there are millions of other people who would disagree. Subjectivity as...(more)
  24. Jon Hermansen (4171)
    Open Forum · 14 Hits · 8/28/2013 6:18 AM
    Aerosmith complete crap. Van halen a 15 year old watching porn could write better words. I mean heaven forbid bands like Floyd or king crimson writing atmospheric lyrics. Wow imagine the synthesis of words and music. Have ya ever heard a hymn
  25. Craig Ditchfield (8337)
    Equipment Forum · 22 Hits · 8/28/2013 4:56 AM
    Thanks Brad, did a bit of research today to try to find the most economical way to do it. As you mentioned it seems I will need a splitter, there are a lot of them around some obviously better than others. I am arming myself with a bunch of lea...(more)
  26. Marcus Hart (14398)
    For Sale/WTB Forum · 111 Hits · 8/27/2013 11:10 PM
    Anyone interested in a "almost perfect" Fender Jaguar (candy apple red finish) and a great looking cherry red MTD Artist 5? I can't believe I'm doing this ..... but I'm putting them both up for sale .... I spotted another bass that I need (want)...(more)
  27. Brad Mock (17334)
    Equipment Forum · 10 Hits · 8/27/2013 7:33 PM
    Hi Craig, there are a lot of multi amp bass set ups from dual amps, stereo amps, wet/dry amps and actual BiAmp set ups. Using a Y cable is really not an optimum way to do this better to have some sort of active signal splitter whether that is a...(more)
  28. Paul Warren (15447)
    Open Forum · 9 Hits · 8/27/2013 4:13 PM
    <i>I picked up a used / inexpensive Mexican Jazz V, an American p-bass 5 neck and a pair of Lindy Fralin overwound pickups......just need to find the time to put it all together.</i> That sounds like it'll be a cool bass when it's done. I sold...(more)
  29. Brian Sharpe (21091)
    Open Forum · 10 Hits · 8/27/2013 2:15 PM
    I haven't bought anything in ages, in fact I've downsized my gear a little but the one project I've got on the go is to set up a Frankenbass. I picked up a used / inexpensive Mexican Jazz V, an American p-bass 5 neck and a pair of Lindy Fralin ...(more)
  30. Brian Sharpe (21091)
    Open Forum · 20 Hits · 8/27/2013 2:13 PM
    Not as old as Pete at least!
  31. Craig Ditchfield (8337)
    Equipment Forum · 86 Hits · 8/27/2013 4:26 AM
    Has any one tried bi-amping? I have bought a Warwick amp and 1 x 12 cab in really good nick (basically for the price of a Gator case) that also has a space for my Hartke 250. I looked at the Billy Sheehan rig rundown on youtube (worth a look) ...(more)
  32. Paul Warren (15447)
    Open Forum · 17 Hits · 8/26/2013 6:52 PM
    That's what AB needs. The return of a few old regulars from that evil site that won't be mentioned. Er, not to imply you're old. hahaha
  33. Paul Warren (15447)
    Open Forum · 8 Hits · 8/26/2013 6:45 PM
    Who could forget 'Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat the yellow snow'.
  34. Paul Warren (15447)
    Open Forum · 9 Hits · 8/26/2013 6:44 PM
    There's too many to mention. How about Grand Funk, Aerosmith, Van Halen etc. etc.
  35. Paul Warren (15447)
    Open Forum · 9 Hits · 8/26/2013 6:41 PM
    Well hello Brian. Good to see you posting here again. I hope you and your family are doing well. How's the old 'magic office' doing? Had any new gear show up? hahaha
  36. Bruce Huntington
    Open Forum · 35 Hits · 8/26/2013 5:44 PM
    Here is a full video interview of Carole Kaye. We made this not long ago in LA. It is really interesting. Enjoy, Bruce
  37. Brian Sharpe (21091)
    Open Forum · 13 Hits · 8/26/2013 1:57 PM
    I'd definitely agree that The Allman Brothers are up there (all the rest are great too).......I find it difficult to come up with "favourite" lists, my tastes are eclectic and there's just so many great bands out there.
  38. Brian Sharpe (21091)
    Open Forum · 19 Hits · 8/26/2013 1:55 PM
    That's why my FB friend count mysteriously dropped and my newsfeed was no longer as entertaining. I'm getting pretty bored with FB and plan on spending a lot moere time back here where I belong!
  39. Brian Sharpe (21091)
    Equipment Forum · 12 Hits · 8/26/2013 11:11 AM
    I've scaled back a bit....... Fender P bass Carvin 5 string (colt on neck) SWR Super redhead 2 x 10 combo
  40. Craig Ditchfield (8337)
    Equipment Forum · 24 Hits · 8/23/2013 10:38 PM
    Hey guys haven't been around for a while, popped in yesterday as well. Current Gig Rig; Hartke 2500 My Cabs - 1 x15, 2 x 10 Zoom B2 and various combinations of the following; Maple Fretless (mine) Explorer (mine) Steinberger type 5 (mine) X bas...(more)