Bass Interviews at ActiveBass

Here's a brief collection of interviews we've had with some featured musicians:
1. Shapeshifting with Matt Garrison
One of our generation's pre-eminent bassists is back with a new record, "Shapeshifter" and a live CD/DVD to shift some light on the shape of bass to come!
Are you ready to be redefined yet again by the Bass world? Out now is the latest CD and DVD from one of the generation's pre-eminent bassists, Matthew Garrison. "Shapeshifter" brings with it new melodies and grooves that are sure to inject some ...(more)
2. Rich Brown Lays It Down
World-class bassist Rich Brown talks to Chris Tarry about music, practicing, and what it means to be part of the Canadian music scene in this exclusive ActiveBass interview.
<font color="#003333"><b>Chris Tarry:</b> Hi Rich, thanks for hangin out with us here at ActiveBass! You are a great electric bass player and one of Toronto's busiest side men. Can you tell us a bit more about your background and influen...(more)
3. A View To A Thrill
Wes Wehmiller expounds on bass life with Duran Duran, influences, equipment, and the essence of being a professional musician.
For the last four years, Wes Wehmiller has been holding down the bottom for the seminal synth-pop band, Duran Duran. ActiveBass' Chris Tarry caught up with the Wes man to get his thoughts on being a successful sideman, the LA studio scene, and ...(more)
4. Sound, Talent, and Perseverance
Chris Trinidad talks with bassist and ActiveBass co-creator, Chris Tarry about solo albums, Vancouver, Metalwood, and, of course, ActiveBass.
I first met Chris Tarry as a first year electric bass student at Capilano College, a jazz studies program located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. He was onstage, giving a clinic with his group Metalwood and I proceeded to experience an incr...(more)
5. Musical Chops with Adam Nitti
Chris Tarry talks with Adam Nitti about technique, solo albums, and making it as a pro bass player!
<font color="#003333"><b>Chris Tarry:</b> Hi Adam and thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at Active Bass. You and I have known each other for quite some time now and it's great to get a chance to talk with you for Active Bass. C...(more)
6. Layin It Down With Nathan East
Nathan East, one of the world's busiest bass players, talks with Chris Tarry about influences, attitude, touring, presidential inaugurations, and more!
<font color="#003333"><b>Chris Tarry:</b> Hi Nathan and thanks for spending some time here with us here at I have been a fan of your playing and career for many years! Tell us a little bit about how you started playing the bass...(more)
7. Between The Lines with Ed Friedland
Get to know the player behind some of the best bass instructional books around! Ed Friedland talks with Chris Tarry about gear, writing, school, and developing a career.
<font color="#003333"><b>Chris Tarry:</b> Hi Ed thanks for taking time out to talk with us here at Active Bass. Can you fill us in a bit on your background, influences, and possibly how you began playing bass?</font><br/><br/> <b>Ed Friedland:...(more)
8. Outbound with Stu Hamm
Stu Hamm talks with Peter Davyduck about bass, the groove, life, and his upcoming release "Outbound" in this exclusive interview for
<font color="#003333">Peter Davyduck: Stu, I'd like to start off by saying thanks for taking time out to rap with us here at ActiveBass. To start things off I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving a brief history of your playing for thos...(more)
9. Up Close And Classical with Gary Karr
Active Bass member Laurence Mollerup interviews world-renowned solo double bassist Gary Karr.
<font color="#003333">Laurence Mollerup: Hello Gary, It's an honour to be interviewing you for the ActiveBass website. I know there have been some incredible highlights in your career like your debut with Leonard Bernstein and the NY Philharm...(more)
10. Keeping The Flame With Matt Garrison
Matt Garrison, son of legendary bassist Jimmy Garrison, expounds on his recent solo CD, the art of composition, and what the future holds in this exclusive interview for ActiveBass.
Matt Garrison's recent solo CD has been compared to the solo efforts of Stanley and Jaco in terms of raising the bar from where it had previously been set. Son of the great Jimmy Garrison, Matthew lived with legendary jazz drummer Jack DeJohnet...(more)
11. Talkin' Shop With Mike Kinal
Master luthier Mike Kinal talks with Chris Tarry about woods, tone, inspiration, and the art of bass building
<font color="#003333"><b>Chris Tarry:</b> Hi Mike and thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at Active Bass. Maybe you can fill us in on where your shop is and how you started building basses?</font><br/><br/> <b>Mike Kinal: </b>Th...(more)
12. Drums on Bass with Ian Froman
Ian Froman talks about drums, influences, and most importantly bass players in this exclusive interview with Active Bass member Chris Trinidad.
<font color="#003333">Chris Trinidad: What influenced you to play the drums and not any other instrument?</font><br/><br/> <b>Ian:</b> I originally played piano for a few years, but was really drawn to the drums at a very early age. I saw ...(more)
13. Getting Bent with Gary Willis
Tribal Tech's 5-string monster talks with Metalwood's Chris Tarry about players, influences, dogs, and even his hats in this exclusive interview for ActiveBass.
<font color="#003333"> CT: How are you enjoying working on your own solo CD's? Musically, how does it differ for you from working with Tribal Tech? </font><br/><br/> <b>Willis:</b> My CD's as well as the Tribal Tech CD's have been a blast. The o...(more)