Bass Interval Training at ActiveBass

ActiveBass has several resources to improve your understanding of intervals:

Interactive Interval Training Exercises

ActiveBass features two ear-training exercises to help you learn how certain tones sound against each other. This type of training will allow you to figure out melodies and chord progressions even when you don't have a bass handy.

Table of Musical Intervals

Name Low Degree High Degree Low Note (In 'C') High Note (In 'C')
Unison Root Root C C
Minor 2nd Root b2 C Db
Major 2nd Root 2 C D
Minor 3rd Root b3 C Eb
Major 3rd Root 3 C E
Perfect 4th Root 4 C F
Aug 4th/Dim 5th Root #4/b5 C F#/Gb
Perfect 5th Root 5 C G
Aug 5th/Minor 6th Root #5/b6 C G#/Ab
Major 6th Root 6 C A
Minor 7th Root b7 C Bb
Major 7th Root 7 C B

Sound Reference

To familiarize yourself with how the sound examples are presented, click any of the buttons below to hear the given interval with a 'C' in the bass.
C# Eb F F# Ab Bb
Having problems hearing the above reference examples?