Bass Ear Training at ActiveBass

ActiveBass has several interactive ear-training exercises to improve your ear:

Interactive Ear-Training Exercises

ActiveBass features 2 ear-training exercises to help you identify the note or series of notes that are played in the example. The main purpose of these exercises is to teach you about how certain tones sound against the tonic of a key or progression. This type of training will help you to figure out melodies and chord progressions even when you don't have a bass handy.
A chordal variant of this is "Name That Chord", in which one of several types of chords is played, and you have to determine which chord quality it is. Four different levels of difficulty will test you, no matter how developed your ear may be.

Sound Reference

To familiarize yourself with how the aural examples are presented, click any of the buttons below to hear an example featuring that note. All examples are presented relative to the key of C. For this reason, a I-IV-V-I progression always leads off the example.
C# Eb F F# Ab Bb
Having problems hearing the above reference examples?