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Popular Bass Resources from these Artists

  1. Explorations by Bill Evans (5.0 Stars · 1 Review)
    Led by pianist Bill Evans, the trio played a mix of jazz standards and original compositions during the 60's. The group was noted for innovative bassist Scott LaFaro as well as Evans' playing. The groups' improvisation was almost conversational.
    Recordings: Jazz · 726 Hits · Posted on 8/20/2000 by Alex Feldman (103)
  2. Left For Live by John Entwistle (4.7 Stars · 3 Reviews)
    Left for Live is a must for any fan of John Entwistle or The Who. Recorded live on their 1998 tour of the US, it features a definitive version of the Entwistle showcase, The Real Me.
    Recordings: Rock/Pop · 2257 Hits · Posted on 5/10/2000 by Curt West (80)

  3. A book featuring photos of John Entwistle's bass and guitar collection. Has forwards by Rick Nielson and Roger Daltrey. Entwistle wrote the word that surround the photos.
    Books/Tab: Other · 677 Hits · Posted on 9/18/2007 by Bill Carollo (1468)
  4. Nathan details his unique style of playing: building awesome speed, double stops, bridge adjustment, tuning, grooves, walking bass lines, soloing, and how to play with a rhythm section.
    Videos: Instructional · 4798 Hits · Posted on 4/27/2000 by ActiveBass
  5. An instruction video by one of the world's most successful bass players.
    Videos: Instructional · 1206 Hits · Posted on 6/29/2006 by Derek Still (14266)
  6. Mark gives practical advice on equipment, practicing, technical exercises, scales and arpeggios. Accompanied by Danny Gottlieb on drums, he also plays many grooves including jazz, rock, swing, shuffle and samba.
    Videos: Instructional · 2463 Hits · Posted on 4/27/2000 by ActiveBass