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  1. Keith Rosier
    Posted on 5/1/2000 · 108625 Hits
    Many players ask me what kind of bass rig to buy, and the answer is: "The one that makes you sound and play great!" <br/><br/>It starts with a great sounding bass: set-up well (no buzzes), intonated, and properly installed fresh, high-quali...(more)
  2. Kerry Galloway (919)
    Posted on 4/24/2000 · 13121 Hits
    For the serious student of bass, it helps to have an organised framework of ideas to work from. I would like to propose a system, while keeping in mind that this is only one potential way of organizing this information. I credit Dave Liebman...(more)
  3. Kerry Galloway (919)
    Posted on 4/17/2000 · 9983 Hits
    Professional means two different things to me (This might be a good time to look in the dictionary for the word professional. Ill wait).<br/><br/> One is literal...I earn my living as a musician. Hey, and lets not put too fine a point on it....(more)
  4. Christopher Sung (750)
    Posted on 4/10/2000 · 19347 Hits
    Over the past few months, I've had the privilege of corresponding with a surprising number of older guitarists who have recently re-discovered the instrument, or are picking it up for the first time. This, in conjunction with a few different ...(more)