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  1. Kelly Marsh (11462)
    Posted on 8/8/2001 · 16812 Hits
    It may seem as though it's obvious what to bring to a gig, but at least for your first few, it is a good idea to make a checklist of the things you will need, then to follow it as you load your car. The last thing you want to do is drive for a c...(more)
  2. Kelly Marsh (11462)
    Posted on 7/25/2001 · 9683 Hits
    This is not really a theory post, however it is something any good player will eventually need to know, therefore I am posting it in this forum. I started out writing this as a private reply to someone that asked, and as it progressed, I found I...(more)
  3. Tim Strange (57)
    Posted on 7/11/2001 · 15620 Hits
    I remember the first time I saw a live concert. The smell in the air, the energy exuding from every body, the sound of sweet vibrations, and a feeling like no other on this planet. A boy of 10 years, I could not have been more excited about se...(more)
  4. Dave Evans (1357)
    Posted on 6/14/2001 · 9849 Hits
    The lights go down in the house, the intro music starts and your band breaks into the opening tune of your set, the one you <b>know</b> will get the audience fired up, but you start into your backup vocals and can't hear yourself thru the monito...(more)
  5. Andrew Thomas
    Posted on 2/21/2001 · 14066 Hits
    <b>The first step is in the preparation</b><br/><br/> Youve researched dozens of publications, scoured the Internet, and used word of mouth to land an audition with a band. Now its time for you to meet the different groups, learn their music...(more)
  6. Joe Benedetto (5497)
    Posted on 2/21/2001 · 19959 Hits
    Music Stand: This is for those of us that have set lists and key structures written out. The stand is better than picking papers off of the floor that were on your amp.<br/><br/> Instrument stand: I can't even count the times that my guit...(more)
  7. Arty O'Connell (1145)
    Posted on 2/21/2001 · 30056 Hits
    My experience over the tears has taught me that there is more to playing an instrument than just knowing a few chords or notes. Playing bass is no different. Some of the things I will be sharing most of you are probably already aware of, but...(more)
  8. Matthew Brown (9358)
    Posted on 2/8/2001 · 13334 Hits
    Many beginners find their first encounters with the bass frustrating. The bass presents problems to new players that can only be overcome by patiently dealing with them head-on. In short, newbie bassists need to develop strategies if they ...(more)
  9. Lesa McCabe (60558)
    Posted on 2/8/2001 · 7650 Hits
    Due to questions in Fretbuzz concerning contracts, I thought I would hit upon this very important subject.<br/><br/> When you and a club have decided that you and your band are the perfect match, dates are settled on, price is negotiated, th...(more)
  10. Matthew Brown (9358)
    Posted on 1/7/2001 · 26926 Hits
    All right, you don't have any gigs coming up, your rehearsals with your group have grown stale, and you feel like a Ford Explorer, Firestones in a swamp, stuck in a rut. Weve all felt like this at some time, and its dangerous! What began as sw...(more)
  11. Joe Benedetto (5497)
    Posted on 1/6/2001 · 13597 Hits
    I am writing this article to make people aware of song dynamics. Song dynamics you ask? Yes. In my opinion, this is what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls.<br/><br/> I know we are all guilty of it...playing at one ...(more)
  12. Brad Mock (17334)
    Posted on 12/4/2000 · 9836 Hits
    Face it we will all need to have our instruments, amps or speakers repaired and when we do time may be a factor, so a little preperation goes a long way against that day. If the repair person knows you, your gear and how crucial the situation ...(more)
  13. Gary Willis
    Posted on 11/28/2000 · 10848 Hits
    What you are about to read is an incredible road story from none other than <a href="/artists/artist.asp?i=73">Gary Willis</a>, bassist, composer, and co-leader of the band Tribal Tech. The names and dates have been changed to protect the innoc...(more)
  14. Brien McCarty (1730)
    Posted on 11/20/2000 · 18343 Hits
    "Huh? What did you say?" <br/><br/> How many times have you heard a musician ask that question? Probably more than you would like to think about. With the popularity of music at an all-time high, more people than ever are not only listening to ...(more)
  15. Lesa McCabe (60558)
    Posted on 8/8/2000 · 11942 Hits
    As the " Manager" of the West Puget Sound Band "Payday Daddy" <br/><br/> Before I continue, please allow me to explain this term, Manager.<br/><br/> The Manager is the poor slob that gets the job no one else wants. The person that can tal...(more)
  16. Alex Reed
    Posted on 7/10/2000 · 28817 Hits
    <b>Y</b>ou've probably heard many times from TAXI that production doesn't matter when pitching your tape--it's the song that counts. Still, a certain level of sound quality is desirable in that you don't want the recording to distract the listen...(more)
  17. Christopher Sung (750)
    Posted on 7/10/2000 · 18227 Hits
    So you've managed to get the right musicians together to form your band, you've decided on a style, and now it's time to decide what songs you're going to play (your "repertoire"), and how you're going to play them (your "arrangements"). Agreein...(more)
  18. Lesa McCabe (60558)
    Posted on 6/1/2000 · 11515 Hits
    <b>Advertising yourself</b><br/><br/> So you have got yourself a great group put together. Everyone knows the songs inside and out. You have acquired all the equipment you need to gig. The van is tuned and ready for action. Your bass is pol...(more)
  19. Christopher Sung (750)
    Posted on 5/23/2000 · 22311 Hits
    OK, so you've turning out to be a pretty good musician. You've been banging on your instrument for a little while now, and things are starting to come together. One of the natural urges at this stage of development is to want to share your...(more)
  20. Joe Solomon
    Posted on 5/20/2000 · 13504 Hits
    " I dont know, I have all these great solos in my head, but I just cant seem to play them on my instrument." <br/><br/> How familiar these words are to those of us who have ever attempted to teach the art of improvising to other bassists. And i...(more)