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  1. D.G. (Gonzo) Grogg (869)
    Posted on 9/18/2002 · 45907 Hits
    One thing I have come across quite a lot with my students is a lack of communication or coordination between their left and right hands resulting in improper timing, meter and just bad rhythm in general. <br/><br/> Here is an exercise I learne...(more)
  2. Mark Shannon
    Posted on 9/18/2002 · 40003 Hits
    These instructions were derived from the instructions for shielding and star-grounding a Strat guitar on the website. This is the basic method. In addition, you can install high-value capacitors on the ground connections to the br...(more)
  3. Mark Heath (2437)
    Posted on 8/1/2002 · 11154 Hits
    Proof of your original work is the foundation of Copyright. The United States and many other countries provide laws for the protection of any original body of work you have completed. Copyright protects creative and artistic works by the "autho...(more)
  4. Inactive Member
    Posted on 8/1/2002 · 20089 Hits
    How many times have you listen to a really nice groove and you kind of got mad at yourself because you felt that you could have come up with it or you just felt bad because you can't come up with those kind of stuff? A very central part in ever...(more)
  5. Tom Capasso (43)
    Posted on 7/2/2002 · 16082 Hits
    When people look at Ralph Dammann's work, it takes them a minute to figure it out. His instruments don't look like guitars - if anything they resemble the electric uprights that have become popular. But they aren't played from a stand. As you...(more)
  6. Matthew Brown (9358)
    Posted on 6/7/2002 · 30893 Hits
    As a young bassist, I thought myself quite the hotshot, and I created every opportunity for myself to make my parts technically demanding, showy, and prominent in the band's sound. Years later, listening to tapes of those performances demonstrat...(more)
  7. Doug Matthews (4123)
    Posted on 6/7/2002 · 81600 Hits
    The name plate ratings on the back of your amplifier says something like [100 watts at 16 ohms. 200 watts at 8 ohms. 400 watts at 4 ohms. 800 watts at 2 ohms]. If you are confused by the markings on your amp and speakers you are not alone. Ma...(more)
  8. Lesa McCabe (60558)
    Posted on 5/8/2002 · 21162 Hits
    What should I have in my band's promo package? <br/><br/> Good question. Your promo package is what is going to "sell" you to a club. It is the "first impression" you will give. And, you will only have about a minute to make your point. Club ow...(more)
  9. Dan Pereira (20)
    Posted on 4/10/2002 · 22926 Hits
    It seems like alternate tunings are the trend these days in popular music. Just flip on the music video channel or tune in your favorite rock radio station and you'll hear bass guitar thumping in registers lower than Enron's stock value. So ho...(more)
  10. Lesa McCabe (60558)
    Posted on 4/10/2002 · 24632 Hits
    When we were looking for new band members, whether it be a singer, guitarist, or drummer, we would post notices at all the local music stores. You could also place an ad in the local paper, and use word of mouth through other musicians, but real...(more)
  11. Jeff Renaud (4615)
    Posted on 4/10/2002 · 33080 Hits
    Many a bass player is confused about what to be on the lookout on a potential "bass buy". This applies even more to used basses, as the buyer cannot be entirely sure of the previous owner(s) did to the bass. Fellow ActiveBass member Jacob Cha...(more)
  12. Tracy Hardy Johnson (17465)
    Posted on 3/14/2002 · 24557 Hits
    So you finally have your Squier bass starter kit and are busily thumpin' away when you realize . . . "hey, I don't sound like [insert name of your bass god here]!!" And then you begin to wonder . . . "how does so-and-so get his/her tone?" <br/><...(more)
  13. Matthew Brown (9358)
    Posted on 3/14/2002 · 31172 Hits
    This article is not intended to explain music theory to you; rather, it is intended to help you understand what music theory is and what it can help you do. Many musicians beginning to study written music have an unclear understanding of how mu...(more)
  14. Dan Anderson (426)
    Posted on 2/14/2002 · 24766 Hits
    Okay we've all heard the bass player that has his pedal board in front of him with seven pedals and three rack effects units. This bass player runs his chorus, his phase shifter, his delay, his wah-wah, his compressor, his flanger, and his dist...(more)
  15. Arty O'Connell (1145)
    Posted on 2/14/2002 · 16795 Hits
    Previously, I wrote an article titled "To Be A Better Player". It was well received and I thank you all for that. If I may, I would like to add a few more thoughts about playing music. In my first article, I talked about learning to play with ot...(more)
  16. Joe Benedetto (5497)
    Posted on 1/18/2002 · 15194 Hits
    The other night as I was drifting off to sleep I started to think. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed about all the auditions and long phone calls that never panned out. The reasons were numerous, too many times a week, too far, too young, t...(more)
  17. Tracy Hardy Johnson (17465)
    Posted on 12/20/2001 · 16940 Hits
    By now, you may have encountered the ongoing discussions: "Why should I learn music notation? Tab is fine for me..." Why <b>should</b> you learn music notation? Certainly there are many musicians who have achieved a great deal without being a...(more)
  18. Matthew Brown (9358)
    Posted on 11/21/2001 · 14591 Hits
    In teaching, we spend much of our time figuring out how to motivate students to learn. In the real world, motivation is often reduced to cheerleading combined with offers of money, and status. If you've ever seen a sales convention of real est...(more)
  19. Dave Papke (9980)
    Posted on 11/7/2001 · 55928 Hits
    Have you ever considered buying strap locks because your strap always falls off? You should consider buying them if you are going to play gigs or if you are just a crazy nut in your room playing your bass. Straps do have a tendency to fall off i...(more)
  20. Joe Benedetto (5497)
    Posted on 10/10/2001 · 11399 Hits
    After reading a lot of players' responses on ActiveBass about where they can find a drummer, guitarist, or a horn player, or anything else for their ultimate band, i thought I would share one of my record keeping skills: keep notes, names and ph...(more)