Chris Tarry

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29 year old Canadian bassist, composer, and producer Chris Tarry holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Berklee College Of Music in Boston. He is currently a faculty member at the Capilano College jazz studies program in North Vancouver. Chris is a two time 1998 & 1999 JUNO award winner, a 1998 & 1999 West Coast Music award winner, the winner of a 1998 Jazz Report Magazine Award, nominated 1997 bassist of the year by Canadian Musician Magazine, nominated Musician of the Year at the 1999 West Coast Music Awards, and nominated best new artist for the Montreal jazz festivals Du Maurier Grand Jazz award in 1995.

An established sideman with a love for jazz Chris has worked and recorded with some of the top names in the Canadian and international music scene.

His work with John Scofield, Mino Cinelu (Sting, Weather Report, Miles Davis), DJ Logic (Medeski Martin & Wood), three time JUNO award winner Mike Murley, European blue note artist Tommy Smith, and New York based Drummer Ian Froman, has taken him across North America and abroad.

Chris has recorded and toured with various artists in all styles of music. His work as one of Vancouver's top side men has seen him share the stage with such Vancouver greats as Francois Houle, Dylan Vander Schyff, Brad Turner, Ron Samworth, Peggy Lee, Daryl Jahnke, Dave Robbins, Chris Gestrin, Randal Stoll, and Tony Wilson.

Chris has studied with some of the top bass/jazz instructors in the world such as Charlie Banacos, John Patitucci, and Gary Willis.

His extensive study and experienceas an electric bass specialist has lead to the completion of his first instructional book,The Bass Players Companion. Chris's commitment to teaching bass also lead to theformation of The Vancouver Bass Conference. An annual three day workshop, Chrisand three other top Vancouver players impress upon young bassists the importanceof becoming a well rounded musician.

Chris began producing music early in his career with the release of his four solo albums Landscapes, Groups Project, Unition, and Sevyn. His production and writing credits continue with his work with such artists as Metalwood, Sponge, Vancouver Latin Ensemble, and Junction.
Sevyn (1996)
Unition (1995)
Groups Project (1994)

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Jul 5 2001

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Mar 19 2001

Sound, Talent, and Perseverance
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Feb 6 2001

Musical Chops with Adam Nitti
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Jan 4 2001

Layin It Down With Nathan East
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Oct 28 2000

Between The Lines with Ed Friedland
Get to know the player behind some of the best bass instructional books around! Ed Friedland talks with Chris Tarry about gear, writing, school, and developing a career.
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Sep 7 2000

Talkin' Shop With Mike Kinal
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May 1 2000

Getting Bent with Gary Willis
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Chris Tarry (1937) published/updated a lesson about Chris Tarry
Apr 3 2000

Deep Thoughts Stuck in a rut? Here are some deep thoughts and observations by Chris Tarry
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