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The Importance of a Contract, Part 2

After several questions about damaged equipment at gigs, not getting the proper pay following a show, I would like to take this chance to again bring up the importance of "THE CONTRACT". I have submitted a copy of the basic contract I use when booking my band, Payday Daddy. Feel free to add clauses as needed for your particular situation. But, please, always protect yourself by getting it in writing!

Payday Daddy Contract
February 7th, 2002
(Always date the contract..this is for your protection)

The Performer "Payday Daddy" agrees to play at the following location:

Point No Point Casino (Use the club's complete address and phone here)
7989 Salish Lane N.E.
Kingston, Wa 98346

Dates and Times:
February 21st - 22nd - 23rd, 2002
8:00P.M - 12:00A.M.
(Use complete dates and times, no abbreviations)

With the exception of Friday, February 22nd, due to a prior engagement, the Performer will start about 9:00pm.
(If there are any exceptions, write them here)

Payment Due:
$3,000 (Three Thousand Dollars and 0 Cents)
(Write out your due payment both ways! Then there will be no questions when it comes time to be paid)

The Performer is relieved of it's obligation to perform as a result of sickness, accident, riots, strikes, inability to perform, acts of God, beyond the Performers control. The Purchaser shall be liable for any and all damage that occurs to the Perfomers equipment, if said damage is caused by the Purchaser, it's guests, employees, or persons attending the engagement not associated with the Performers.

(Always include the "Acts of God" clause, as this protects you from bad weather, severe illness, or anything that comes up, preventing you from performing on the specified dates. And always include the damage clause, as this will protect your gear.)


(The band gets a copy ,and the club gets a copy)


(The band's booking contact name, address, and phone go here)

Lesa McCabe is the manager and bass player for the West Puget Sound band, Payday Daddy.