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To Use Or Not Use Strap Locks?

Have you ever considered buying strap locks because your strap always falls off? You should consider buying them if you are going to play gigs or if you are just a crazy nut in your room playing your bass. Straps do have a tendency to fall off in the worst situations and may damage your bass if it falls.

Here is a little story about my bad situations with straps.

Once, about a year into playing, I was playing in my room with my bass. I was jamming to some Led Zeppelin when I heard a car in my driveway. So, I let go of the bass with both hands and leaned out the window and my bass feel to my floor and was cracked. Yet even though it was still playable, I was heart-broken for my bass.

You really should consider buying strap locks if you want to protect your bass "morally". You may ask:
  1. What kind should I get?

  2. Do they have a certain color to match my bass?

  3. How do I put them on?
  1. Strap locks are strap locks but do not get the leather button ones. Buy the steel ones that go directly into your bass.

  2. They have every color out there but you just have to look to what color suits your liking.

  3. To apply the Strap Locks you will need a Screw driver which matches the head of both the old strap hooks and the new strap locks. You will also need a few wooden matches, wood glue, and some paper towels to wipe up any mess.
    • Start by taking out old strap hooks with the screw driver.
    • As soon as they are out check and see if the match fits inside the hole in which the screw came from the old hooks. If it fits snug, then leave it but if not, then cut it with a knife on the sides or length depending on the tightness. You are basically trying to fill the hole.
    • Take the match and dip it in some of the wood glue and put it in the hole. Then, wipe up any of what is left on the bass to protect your finish from being ruined. Let sit for about 15 min.
    • Take the part of the strap lock and screw it right into the hole where the match is. Use force but try carefully to be straight. Let them sit for about 1 hour to be safe and test the out with little pressure on them.
That is all you have to do if you want to put strap locks on your bass. It is plain and simple. Good luck on your decision on whether or not you want to protect your bass from any dramatic catastrophe.

Dave T. Papke is a student looking for a bright future in motivating others in life and in music.